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Travellers Numbers

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Simple, élégante et bien pensée, cette série de chiffres par l'illustratrice María Hdez nous fait voyager !

1. About the project

"Travellers Numbers" is a personal project that I created for the
second edition of "36 Days of Type". Numerology is dedicated to some of the trips I've done throughout my life, doing this I could combine two of the things that I love the most: typography and travel.

0 - NYC (Statue of liberty), New York.
1 - La Habana (Morro lighthouse), Cuba.
2 - Copenhagen (Little mermaid), Denmark.
3 - Prague (Astronomical clock), Czech Republic.
4 - San Francisco (Golden Gate), California.
5 - Las Vegas (Elvis), Nevada.
6 - Venice (gondolier), Italy.
7 - San Pedro de Atacama (llama), Chile.
8 - London (queens guard), England.
9 - Berlin (Bauhaus), Germany.

María Hdez

My name is María, graphic designer and art director. My specialities are in branding, editorial...


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