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Survival strategies

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La jeune hongroise Kata Moravszki s'interroge sur la transition entre les études et le monde professionnel avec ce qu'elle sait faire de mieux : le graphisme et l'illustration.

1. About the project

Survival strategies — exhibition identity

The exhibition focuses on relationship of work and art and within this we examine how the not art related work of young, ambitious artists impact their creativity, and how they can coordinate their everyday work with art activity.

During the university years the school gives relative security for students. Although they get little financial support, but the university provides them a studio, the opportunity to get educational and social scholarships and to live in a dorm for affordable price. The annual exhibition at the end of each year offers an opportunity to introduce their works to the galleries.

After graduating, young artists are facing radical changes: the small support, received from the university is ceased and they need to find not only a studio but a job. They can apply for scholarships but even these do not provide enough support focusing only their art work.

Zsófia Gályász, Lilla Judit Molnár, Benjámin Nagy, István L. Nagy

Kincső Turai, Ajna Maj

Labor Gallery, Budapest

Exhibition identity
Kata Moravszki

Kata Moravszki

Graphic designer & illustrator based in Budapest, Hungary


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