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Les images réalisées en dehors du cadre de la commande restent souvent cachées, pourtant c'est souvent dans ce travail que l'on décèle la richesse du travail d'un graphiste. Pour notre plus grand plaisir, Elena Miska a mis en forme l'ensemble de ses productions personnelles. Un recueil de collages, dessins et œuvres visuelles qu'il aurait été dommage de dissimuler plus longtemps.

1. About the project

When I was asked by Adobe to participate in a three day Graphic Design live stream on, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to give my recent collages, doodles and art projects a home by designing a zine in which they could all live. Over the past year, I've created these works purely for my own creative enjoyment; as a way to get my hands dirty and clear my head at the same time, without the fear of trying to achieve perfection. With this concept in mind, Zenzine was born out of the desire to show these physical collages and paintings in an equally tactile but still unassuming form: a printed zine.

Elena Miska

I'm Elena, a designer, art director and artist, living and working in New York City. I believe...


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