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World Pride Madrid 2017

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Une affiche ou chaque élément graphique est porteur de sens. Elle se veut à l'image de la marche des fiertés, les variations typographiques soulignent la cohésion et la richesse dans la diversité.

1. About the project

Visual campaign for the Madrid World Pride 2017, commissioned by City of Madrid. Under the slogan 'Diversity is the Pride of Madrid', the briefing requested a campaign that paid homage to iconic typefaces of the 20th century.

Searching for types that reflected European graphic design´s good shape, we found Lÿno, designed by Radim Pesko and Karl Nawrot in 2012. This eclectic type comes in four different styles, each one of them related to a 20th century aesthetic trend. In the author´s words, "its characters are open and diverse, and their spirit is this: to withstand normative trends and reject the idea of definitive form". The preponderance of white in the colour design responds to the omnipresent rainbow flag´s abuse. Its colors are still there, outstanding with renewed vigour and defining an original image for World Pride.

We sought to design an offbeat, gay and provocative image, in line with the Pride´s spirit; to gain attention and generate debate.The result is a type-led campaign in which form and meaning work hand in hand to represent the ideals and principles of City of Madrid and the LGTBIQ community.

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