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Juan Fernando Mercerón

Design director and co-editor of the Venezuelan independent publishing house »Libros del Fuego«. For five years he was a collaborator and assistant designer to renowned Venezuelan graphic designers Álvaro Sotillo and Gabriela Fontanillas in their design studio »Visión Alternativa C.A«. (VACA) as well as in the »Laboratorio de Tipografía de Caracas«. In the context of the 42nd Buenos Aires International Book Fair in April 2016, he received the »II Premio Latinoamericano al Diseño Editorial«, awarded by the Fundación El Libro in recognition of his design work with the publishing house »Libros del Fuego«. Today, he resides in Chile and works as a Senior Analyst at the Chilean consulting firm TIRONI, where he focuses on editorial projects and heads the firm’s editorial platform »Ediciones ABIERTA«.

Juan Fernando Merceron Marcano
8330391 Santiago