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Studio Axel Pfaender

The main focus of my work are illustrations for magazines and corporate clients. I love to combine constructed architectural forms with humorous characters and whimsical details, using bold colors, graphical patterns and clean vector strokes. Every now and then I enjoy working on information graphics and diagrams. My sources of inspiration are architecture, vintage industrial design, Memphis graphics, 8-bit computer games and japanese Anime. My work has been published in magazines like Monocle, Men's Journal, Popular Mechanics, Dwell, The Atlantic. You can also find my work in corporate reports and corporate magazines for clients like Deutsche Telekom, Mercedes, Red Bull and Bundesdruckerei. Berlin Boombox Studio Axel Pfaender manufactures, develops and distributes the Berlin Boombox, which is now being sold through our online store and retailers worldwide. Since 2012 we have been selling over 16.000 units, mostly internationally. Head over to berlinboombox.com for more information.

Böheimstr. 87a
70199 Stuttgart