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George Stoyanov

Hello! My name is George Stoyanov (nioon) and I’m a young digital artist from Bulgaria. At the moment I’m working as a freelance designer in the area of 3D illustration and design. Throughout the years I have worked with clients and agencies such as Nike, Mobext, Ogilvy & Mather USA, IBM, Karim Rashid China Design Studio, Huawei, Asia Digital Mojo, Lemon Graphics, as well as personal and conceptual projects for different people and agencies around the world. My projects have been featured in various magazines such as IdN Magazine, Photoshop Creative, Advanced Creation Photoshop as well as in popular web pages such as Behance, Vandelay Design, deviantART, Abduzeedo, Design in Europe and many others. For the time being, my work is focused on CGI, 3D illustration and design. I use various colors, forms and conceptions to achieve more intensive emotions, closeness and sense of detail. I constantly aim at improving my skills and developing a style of my own. If you have an idea on which we can work or if you just have a question, you can contact me.

5800 Pleven