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Hugo Ramirez

DIRECTOR & DESIGNER Worshiper, handyman and sheller of moving image director, i am a graphic designer first, graduate of the ESAG Penninghen school in Paris, in the early 2000s. Soon, i became director of short and experimental films that i often develop myself, surrounded by my team. I am a concept designer and art director for films as well. In 2008 i co-founded the parisian studio Moustache, dedicated to the development of new animated or live-action concepts. Typography, illustration, stop-motion and traditional animation play an important part in my life. I build, draw, animate, cut-out, … often in this logic of "craftmade" films. These ten years will be rich in projects and many films will come out of the "factory". Stay tuned! Many others are baking.

Hugo R. Ramirez
71A rue de Versailles
78460 Chevreuse