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Studio Sutherl&

Eeormoo? A menagerie of wishful thinking by Jim Sutherland A series of short rhymes about animals who dream of being other animals. For example... the sheep who dreamed of being in charge the pig who wished to bee the lion who wanted to swing etcetera The book concludes with a cow who is happy being a cow (and therefore goes Moo!) One example rhyme from the book... 'the owl who was scared of the dark' hattie works in the deepest night and it gives her a terrible fright she would like to avoid the ghouls & ghosts and instead eat scrambled eggs on toasts wake everyone up at dawn using a large & loud french horn eat cornflakes with milk in a dressing gown of silk A collaborative project by Jim Sutherland & Kelvyn Laurence Smith A first edition of 1,000 books and set of limited edition prints. It’s Illustrated by Rebecca Sutherland - we then made her illustrations into wood blocks. http://studio-sutherland.co.uk/projects/eeormoo