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Three Mountains

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La création, c'est gravir des montagnes. Avec cette série d'affiches pour l'identité visuelle d'une exposition, Studio Pros en atteint les sommets. Les illustrations nous interpellent, invitent à se perdre sur les sentiers sensoriels. Quant à la composition rigoureuse, elle apporte une excellente lisibilité et répond aux exigences fonctionnelles.

1. About the project

One mountain, two mountains, three mountains. The journeys of artists are over countless mountains. We peek between the self, the works and the world. We inquire into the essence, the meaning and the representation of works. On the long journey, searching, exploring and experiencing, we realize arts is more than an mountain—objective. It is mist—ambiguous. It is the journey, the process, the presence—abundant. We are on the way, always.
Three years, three months, three days. Time leads us to climb over the slopes and cliffs in the process. We are traveling through paper and pages, roaming around in the spectacular scenes, or floating in the river of images.

Studio Pros

Yi-Hsuan LI (Art director of Studio Pros) is enthusiastic about experimenting new material and...


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