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The Big Bang Catalogue

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1. About the project

Zirconio turned 50 years old and the brand needed to reinvent themselves, so we had the hard task to develop a new catalogue, a lookbook, that showed their new face, their new identity, and their new collection.

On the inside, it was necessary to make a leap forward in relation to the design of the previous Master Catalogue, by showcasing only the 15 more popular collections in the most beautiful, visually-attracting way possible. And we did it.

The result, as you may see, is a clean page distribution, with a great, balanced mix of technical and visual figures. The ambiences were an important part of it, since it is a lookbook, but it’s also a commercial tool, so the technical information needed to be precise.

On the outside, we needed to show that this new-50-years-old Zirconio was the same, but somewhat different. So we though we would represent it with the Big Bang, the start of everything, the new beginning. We opted for a special black cardboard for the covers, with a gold and white serigraph for the titles and decorations.

This is the way the explosion of new ideas started, like the Big Bang, and this catalogue is the perfect representation of Zirconio’s new image.


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