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Il n'était pas possible de baptiser un restaurant "Souk" sans faire au moins une référence à la culture arable. Le studio Mildred & Duck inverse donc le sens de lecture du logo pour qu'il se lise de droite à gauche. C'est plutôt malin, d'autant que le caractère sur mesure permet facilement la lecture dans les deux sens.

1. About the project

We were approached to create an identity for Souk, a new bar and restaurant hidden down an alleyway off Flinders Lane, that would visually interpret their modern take on Middle Eastern food. The resulting logo, a playful interpretation of the way Arabic is read from right to left, has been used prominently throughout the space and becomes a part of the entire experience, from the custom Andrei Davidoff plates to the neon signage by Juan Mcarb.

The brand experience has been designed with maximalism in mind, with the logo filling the space in which it sits, an homage to the overfilled souks from which the venue takes its name. The menus, featuring imagery by Kate Ballis, are riso-printed as nod to the back-alley production of booklets and advertising materials common in the Middle East. Coupled with the the sub-mark, a modern take on the traditional evil eye, the resulting overall design is a memorable and characterful visual identity that compliments the space and sprit of Souk.

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