Projets Sephora Mother's Day 2017

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Sephora Mother's Day 2017

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Quelque soit leur support, les illustrations de la designer Andreea Robescu enchante l'existant. Avec ce travail pour le compte de la marque Sephora, elle nous montre que le résultat est aussi probant en vitrine que sur les packagings.

1. About the project

I had the pleasure of working with Sephora for their 2017 Mother's Day Campaign. We created some very fun and striking visuals for the window displays, in store paper-cut installations and limited edition packaging.
The campaign was implemented in 15 countries in more than 600 stores from Europe and Asia and was created in collaboration with BETC Luxe. The keywords that define the project and were used as starting point are playful, edgy and disruptive addressing mothers worldwide.

Andreea Robescu

Multidisciplinary artist based in Barcelona.


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