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SCOPEPLUS Festival 2017

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Le mot d'étapes:

Cette identité visuelle nous fait rentrer dans un mouvement typographique infini. Tour à tour chaque lettre devient la toile de fond d'une autre et dévoile le bel exercice de personnalisation des formes pour rendre l'action fluide.

1. About the project

SCOPEPLUS is an Electronic Music & Art Festival held in Huddersfield (UK) that comprises a live electronic music event, an art exhibition and various workshops, organised by Mutualism UK. Headlining artists include Visionist (PAN) and Giuseppe Ielasi (12k/­Error Broadcast).

With the festival name SCOPEPLUS, Mutualism aims to explore the wide spectrum of what live electronic music can be. The words SCOPE and PLUS form two main ideas, one about the ever expanding scope of what art and music can be, and the other about the idea of zooming-in. The art direction of SCOPEPLUS takes cues from these ideas and is derived from an animated 'zoom in' sequence of characters within characters (S,C,O,P,E,P,L,U,S). The expanding characters then portray the idea of the expansion as well.

From the sequence, a series of collaterals was designed for the festival, including an event wall projection video that utilises the Shepard's tone (a popular audio illusion that alludes to an infinitely rising pitch) that is akin to the infinite loop of the zoom sequence. The halftone treatment for videos and photographs derived from its reprographic nature that simulates continuous tone imagery depending on distance (physical) & zoom (digital). Metallic Purple (Pantone) and Black (Pantone) were used for the print collaterals.

Art direction: Darius Ou
Design: Darius Ou, Sebastian Zimmerhackl (Selam X)
Website design/coding: Mak Simay
Animation: Darius Ou, Gabriel Lim
Sound: Julian Jaschke, Helge Ebinger, Mutualism

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