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À simple plat, design sobre. Le graphiste Andrea Dell'Anna signe cette identité pour une marque de pâtes. Le système privilégie la lisibilité à travers des icônes et illustrations linéaires. On y lit la variété et l'authenticité du produit.

1. About the project

Santamaria is an Italian company that produces a wide variety of fully-certified organic premium pasta and flour. Based in southern Italy, where traditional and ancient methods of cultivating and refining natural products are handed over from generation to generation, Santamaria strives to achieve a product that conveys values such as genuineness, authenticity and history.
We designed Santamaria's new identity with the mission to communicate these values as well as quality and sophistication without losing approachability. Our solution takes such initiative and visually reflects this in a series of icons and patterns resulting in a sense of perfect order whose purpose is to combine unique style with clarity. The colour palette and rough material give a care-free historic but expressive vibe.
In collaboration with Matteo Carlino

Andrea Dell'Anna

Andrea Dell'Anna, London-based Italian graphic designer. Fascinated by systems that employ...


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