Projets RGB / Riso-Graph-Blobs

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RGB / Riso-Graph-Blobs

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1. About the project

RGB / Riso-Graph-Blobs is a small edition of prints I developed to explore the potential, the possibilities and the beauty of the little imperfections of Risograph printing. Red, Green and Blue are the only three colors used in this composition of shapes and tones.
A test on how to modulate and mix these three basic colours to achieve a warmer and more complex-looking hues palette.
Aligning elements, color bars and print marks are combined with free shaped blobs of colors. Digital screen RGB transparencies translated into transparent soy inks and overprinting effects.

Edition of 15
3 colors Risograph printing,
Bright Red, Green, Blue
432 x 626 mm


Constantly on the edge between objects and images, design and illustration, No-Rocket finds...


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