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Reading Wild

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1. About the project

Reading Wild is a community of hyperactive readers, led by Sylvia Minne. In her own words: it’s live, it’s about sharing, it’s cool and it’s rock & roll. Like a music label, it is the love of books and reading, with codes, references, generosity, intimacy and the universality. Reading Wild proposes, through its website and events, to create an original and ideal library. The attitude is militant and supportive, with a perfume of casualness and accessible intelligence. Sylvia regularly brings together her “community of solitary people” in Paris to defend their unconditional love of books in their own way.

We helped her to transcribe this iconoclastic posture into a raw and elegant graphic identity. Around the signature “Stay Wild Keep Reading”, we composed a typographic logo entirely designed for Reading Wild. The graphic applications, crisp, radical, denote the classic universes of publishing and booksellers by combining the typefaces Replica – in capital letters – and Bely, as well as by both free and structured layouts, in black and white. The inauguration of the new visual territory took place at the Pavillon des Lettres in Paris in September 2018.

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