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1. About the project

In my series called Raw Hill, I would like to draw attention to the characteristic, playful aesthetics and artistic value of brutalist architecture throughout my composed photographs.
The brutalist architecture flourished after the II. World War, from the 1950s to the mid-1970s. It was a very popular architecture style almost all over the world at this time. The brutalist architecture became favoured for the governmental and educational institution buildings, from tower blocks to shopping centers and so on.
”Functional, raw, stunning, monumental, special, ugly, geometric, massive, representative, beautiful, rough” – people usually have very divided opinions about brutalist architecture, and they often use these words when they talk about it.
Many might only link this architectural form to political trends and the ideology of an era that is often associated with a negative spirit, forgetting its artistic value and particular beauty.
I hope that through my series I can change this point of view somewhat and others will find the uniqueness of this style that has grabbed my attention and imagination.

The series was taken at the National Theatre of Great Britain, Barbican Estate, and the Alexandra Road Estate.

Marietta Varga

Marietta Varga was born in 1992, in Hungary. She completed her studies, BA in Photography at the...

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