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Ce projet réalisé par Touch Agency offre un exemple de typographie dynamique. Les lettres se déforment et évoluent avec élégance en fonction des différents supports. La couleur accordée à l'intérieur de l'établissement, comme les matières utilisées et les motifs minimalistes confortent cette idée de qualité.

1. About the project

Brewing up a visual identity for this luxury food and drink destination.

Creating a standout venue in a city as popular as Edinburgh is no mean feat, so when we were asked to deliver the visual identity for a new bar and restaurant with rooms, we knew it had to have real impact.

Taking a cue from the name, we created a playful yet considered identity that uses typography to dramatic effect. The unique letterforms are interchangeable in scale, width and weight — giving the identity and supporting materials for the venue a more eclectic feel in application.

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