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PUP 5 Years

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1. About the project

In occasion of her 5th birthday, PUP Creative Agency Amsterdam asked No-Rocket to come up with something special to be sent as gift to a selection of her best clients ranging from the world of fashion, to clubbing, to international companies and brands. The idea of this gift was to celebrate this important occasion visualising PUP's unique vision, style and signature, realising something bold and striking and beautiful.

This package was created as a surprise gift box, hinting and hiding its content at the same time, allowing the letter inside to be unveiled step by step: each envelope is a special one, each message should be opened with care, like a ritual.

The white words of the letter have been impressed on a large transparent acrylic sheet and paired with a thick A3 cotton paper which has been letterpress printed with the PUP logo.
A large vacuum packing envelope in silver mirroring foil encloses the message to each client, and features Nocket's illustration on the back in a bright blue color.


Constantly on the edge between objects and images, design and illustration, No-Rocket finds...


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