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Le studio Santa Rita joue sur les codes pop avec du lettering, des couleurs vives et des formes simples qui se déclinent sur la DA photo et la réalisation de petites illustrations. Ça prend sens pour un lusicien qui souhaite une image plus dynamique.

1. About the project

Welcome to the place of no fear, to the bright side of our dreams.
Where color divides and envelops our senses. Where the sun invites you to be free and love is the star that shines the most.


Lukas Layton, a young singer from Úbeda, contacted us to change his image. He wanted to break with the identity that had accompanied him in the last two albums and take a leap towards something more positive and energetic.


We create a dynamic brand using the lettering technique and giving it personality and uniqueness.

The EP consists of five songs that we illustrate through simple icons and letterings. This material also served to design and conceptualize the press kit, which included tattoos and pins as unique items. The last finishes were very important in this project since they were going to endow it with a special factor that would bring it closer to the public.

The disc perfectly reflects the energetic character and is reinforced with a special edition containing five serial serigraphs and handmade motifs of each of the songs.

Thus we create a universe of color, where Lukas wraps our senses and moves us to a place without fear, to the positive side of our dreams.

Estudio Santa Rita

Estudio Santa Rita, based in Málaga, Andalucía, is an independent graphic and creativity studio...


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