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Un packaging attractif et coloré pour des compotes pour enfants et faciliter la vie des parents. L'illustrateur Kane O'Flaherty a réalisé des emballages adaptés, illustrant directement le contenu des gourdes des compotes à boire pour bébés Piccolo, "la marque qui parle aux parents".

1. About the project

Piccolo is a brand that speaks to parents. The language used on pack creates a new narrative by injecting a taste story, a tone of voice that resonates with the target audience (the parents) with a recipe dialogue style format. Achieving balance between parents and baby keeping it playful yet direct.

So Piccolo has done the hard work for busy mums by launching a variety basket of recipes crammed full of delicious fruit and veg. By adding practicality to the structure and in turn creating stand out appeal, Piccolo are bringing innovation to the category and taking packaging within baby food to new exciting heights.

Kane O'Flaherty

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