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Nova Interiors

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Pour l'identité de Nova Interiors, un créateur de meubles, Side by Side mise tout sur la personnalisation de la typographie. Le détail que l'on retrouve sur chaque lettre s'inspire d'une queue d'aronde. Simple et malin.

1. About the project

Nova Interiors create large runs of hand-finished furniture, for a range of hospitality businesses from hotels to football stadiums. Now operating in its second generation, the family-run company appointed us to give a new direction to their brand, one that reflects the level of quality apparent in their furniture.

The identity was inspired by the beauty of the dovetail joint, and it's recognisable shape is evident in the bespoke typography and icons.

As well as the identity, we created an in-depth website, art directed a photo-shoot, and created marketing materials, which includes a range of brochures with unique, individual covers to emphasise their tagline.

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