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Norte por Casa Palacio

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En parcourant ce projet, on remarque tout de suite cette couleur jaune et le logo typographique sur mesure. Chaque lettre a fait l'objet d'un travail particulier, ce qui contribue fortement à l'élégance de cet ensemble éditorial. Le ton de la typographie contraste presque un peu trop avec une iconographie plus hasardeuse.

1. About the project

The Client

Casa Palacio (from Palacio de Hierro) is an interior decoration and design store specialized in over 200 brands of tailored made and exclusive pieces. Serving as household for well-known names like Fendi Casa, Eichholtz, Timothy Fulton, Sifas, and many more.

The Problem

Develop a full magazine that projects the depth, quality and taste of the products offered by Casa Palacio.

The Solution

We created an editorial project focusing on the projected brand elegance, an avant-garde design integrating classic elements.
The logo reflects the desired market’s personality. The design of each letter was tailored made, blending italic and serif styles.
The titles and body text’s order present a game of hierarchies to create a dynamic reading. We emphasize white spaces, offering a rest to appreciate the photographs and design for each shown piece. The art direction of the photographs oscillates between hard lights and shadow play to reflect each face’s character.


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