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Niche Tea

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Les motifs oscillent entre des formes très graphiques et d'autres plus proches de la texture, dans un ensemble qui s'accorde parfaitement grâce aux couleurs. Cette palette est le lien nécessaire entre les différents packagings. Un très beau produit habillé également par un caractère stencil dont le dessin joue avec la forme rigide des lettres.

1. About the project

Amanda invited iwant to help realise the brand and bring the product to market. We worked closely with Niche developing branding, packaging, marketing and an e-commerce website. From the outset we agreed we wanted to create a lifestyle brand, a tea range that kicked against the glut of high street tea brands, and that would sit as comfortably on the pages of Wallpaper as it would in your Ocado shop. We chose to create a series of patterns that reflected the blends and used a limited colour palette across the range – we used butt jointed tubes as they gave us a seamless canvas to allow the patterns to really sing. We are now developing a second range of black teas that will be launched towards the end of the 2017.

Niche Tea :
London based start-up Niche Tea was founded by Amanda Miles in 2015. Uniquely Blended, Beautifully Crafted Wellness Tea. Using a specially designed formula of medicinal based natural herbs, Niche Tea has premium health and wellbeing at it’s core. Over a number of years, Niche Tea have researched global herbal techniques and explored over 130 tea estates to create a collection of teas designed to improve hair, skin, sleep, energy and digestion.

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