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NEO2 N.151 New Now

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1. About the project

1994. Neo2 was born in Madrid. An independent publication, Spanish through and through, focused on creative trends: Fashion, Design, Music, Art, Interiors, Architecture and Film.

A magazine about creative culture that applies that same creative concept to the formats it comes in. Since its launch, Neo2 has been warmly received in the global market with distribution in the world's main cities with a print run of 40,000 copies.

2017. After 150 issues Neo2 commissioned us to redesign the magazine.

New Now

We live in the generation of immediacy, things become fashionable and stop being in a fast time. Nothing is eternal. Trends are constantly changing. The tendencies are ephemeral, they expire but above all, the trends represent the present, the now.

New Now represent our reason for being, talk about what is happening now without worrying about anything more than the present.

The identity represented through a single typography

After analyzing the last issues of the magazine we detected a lack of identity and a unit by the amount of graphs of styles and the amount of typographical uses that there was.

This is why we decided to unify the typographic styles using a single one: Benton Sans. A typography very now and very new to help us a representative of the concept giving unity to the publication.

Content as a hub for design

This redesign has been thought based on all the content of the magazine and categorized in different styles by type of content. The design is a consequence of the type of content and the content has taken a new shape.

Client: Neo2
Year: 2017
Concept & Art direction: Naranjo—Etxeberria
Graphic Design: Naranjo—Etxeberria
Contributors: Ramón Fano, Javier Abio, Rubén Manrique, Javier Juanas, Roberto Juanes, Víctor Ant, Fernanda Pitanga, Virginia Medina, Aurora Domínguez, Cecilia Camacho, Helena G, Iván Avelló, Jesús Casañas, Miguel A. Palomo, Mit Borrás and Nadia Leal.
Photography: Naranjo—Etxeberria



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