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1. About the project

#Naturamorta is a visual representation of the contemporary landscape and a reflection on our personal relation with nature and ‘common-use technology’. The title is the italian translation of 'still life' and at the same time a wordplay about 'nature' and its 'decay'.
The artwork is part of Land(e)scape / Drawing Exhibition in a Domesticated Landscape, taking place at Riot Studio in Naples, Italy, alongside the contribution of other creatives, architects and illustrators: Fala / OFFICE / MVRDV / Bruna Canepa / Bolles + Wilson / MOS / Yellowoffice / Norell Rodhe / Jana Čulek / Cero9 / Gartnerfunglen / MAP office.

Exploring the possibilities of recording contemporary landscapes in a moment where location and geography face a period of crisis due to the pre-eminence of electronic connectivity. How does our way of seeing the natural environment change according to new electronic surfaces? What relation exists between the observer and the technology he uses to decode reality? How does our idea of nature change?

The omnipresent question ‘what is real / what is fake’, the representation of reality filtered through the (virtual) eyes of electronic devices and the constant connectivity to social media, are synthesised in this artwork as one. In Natura Morta (i.e. Still Life in Italian), nature is digitally represented as real. The Composition Grid of classic still life paintings is replaced by a patchwork of screens of different formats, becoming the ‘new grid’ of our contemporaneity, sifting the smallest detail of our everyday lives.


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