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Morgan & Mees

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1. About the project

Morgan & Mees is a brand new hotel and restaurant situated in a historical building in Amsterdam West. Defining itself "a stylised hotel for international travellers and locals", M & M has a double soul at its core. No-Rocket tried to translate this into an illustrated map of the city, for both locals and the tourist crowd. The whole city map develops around the concept of the "dualism": two colors (Indian Yellow / Royal Blue), two aesthetics (timeless & elegant / stilised & detailed), two sets of locations (Morgan & Mess / Travellers & Locals). It's not a banal city map, it's an artwork in itself. God's in the details, they say. So the whole city of Amsterdam has been patiently re-drawn to get a more detailed and warmer human touch: every kanaal & every graacht has been represented manually, retraced one by one.


Constantly on the edge between objects and images, design and illustration, No-Rocket finds...


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