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Le monde du cosmétique a toujours beaucoup communiqué et on observe que pour se démarquer, certaines marques du secteur osent aujourd'hui de nouvelles formes visuelles. Ce projet de Caterina Bianchini s'inscrit dans cette veine. Les formes exagérées, les couleurs vives et la typographie omniprésente nous prouvent qu'une représentation abstraite et déformée apporte, au contraire des photos retouchées, du naturel à la marque.

1. About the project

LUSH is a global cosmetic retailer that focuses on producing hair and beauty products that contain no parabens, chemicals or unnatural ingredients and are all handmade in England. They have over 1,000 stores worldwide.

This poster series was created for a new flagship store they are opening in Rome, Italy. The concept behind all the posters was to create awareness around the selection of products LUSH creates and the all natural vision the companies caries.

Working with the theme "The Art of Bathing" the designs have explored the use of high colour and bold typographic placement. Explosions of colour and typography coupled with giant bars of soap, bath bombs and plants make this project hard to miss!

Caterina Bianchini

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