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Lost In Transylvania

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1. About the project

Europe’s wider areas of virgin forest lie in the Carpathians, especially in Romania. Primarily characterized by pines and centuries-old beech trees, this natural wonder is home to rare species and many wild animals, such as brown bears and wolves. If more and more forest areas are now being protected, deforestation has been a highly topical issue in Romania over the past years. Indeed, Romanian forests are not only a fantastic reservoir of biodiversity but they also use to have a strong social role. Usually serving as a shelter during periods of war and oppression at various times throughout the country’s history, the woods are a symbol of protection. It is a place where lives can be saved but also where the ancestral values and the rural way of life are preserved.
Along with 3 friends, we went on a road trip through the Carpathian forests and the frozen-in-time citadels of Transylvania. For ten days, we discovered dramatic castles, mysterious fortified Saxon churches but above all, we packed our bear repellent (and garlic?) and went hiking up in the mountains in search of the most wonderful remote sceneries.

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