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Lido Paradiso

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1. About the project

Lido Paradiso is a novel that collects dreams made from July 2014 through to December 2015. It is a disjointed prose, along with a few paragraphs created with the cut-up technique. The title is explained in the very first dream where I jumped off a balcony in Miami and landed on the sand of the beach where, at an early age, I used to spend the summer with family and friends, named Lido Paradiso. Most of the dreams are concerned with mundane affairs. Locations vary widely, from Hackney to Puglia, from deep sea to New Mexico to mysterious fairy lands. Several types of dreams recur: flying dreams, erotic dreams, war and post-war scenarios, dreams of being challenged by the sea. The text goes along with a few alterations on photos.

Andrea Dell'Anna

Andrea Dell'Anna, London-based Italian graphic designer. Fascinated by systems that employ...


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