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Las Rozas

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María Hdez a réalisé ce séduisant branding pour une propriété louée à l'occasion de mariages. Les cercles s'entrecroisent pour former le logo et les différentes illustrations réalisées autour, comme pour symboliser l'échange des alliances.

1. About the project

"Las Rozas" is a family country house, a home that is rented so that different couples can to celebrate their wedding. The concept, on which the brand stands, conveys the following: the owners of Las Rozas lend other people their home for a day. They lend you the keys to your house for a special occasion.

To visualize this concept, I has made a study of the different classic and ornamental house keys. From this study, I has developed the design of the symbol and an iconographic family that accompanies the brand. The graphic elements represent the personality of the country house, an elegant personality, sophisticated and full of history.

María Hdez

My name is María, graphic designer and art director. My specialities are in branding, editorial...


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