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Laboratorio Balmer

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1. About the project

Generally, medical products reflect an unemotional corporate image to its costumers. We believe that dermatological products should communicate confidence and beauty.

2. The brief

Laboratorios Balmer is an established dermatologic lab focused on cosmetic and skin care products. Balmer has been in the dermatological industry since the mid-80‘s. So it was important that the redesign maintains close to its original concept.

3. Creative process

The brand‘s icon represent an abstract initial-B and also evokes silhouettes of medical test-tubes. The color palette it‘s maintained in a clean scope from arctic to gelid blue. The cleanness and purity behind skin care products are reconstructed on he Balmer‘s visual aesthetic.

A moving gradient takes places across the brand. Representing the concept of evolving and advancing in a complete dermatological cycle.

4. Distribution channels

You can review our full project at:

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