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Jeanneret Wines

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Cette identité visuelle développée par le Studio Band laisse une empreinte naturelle et parfaite sur chaque bouteille. Un logo qui ne manque pas de références.

1. About the project

Every bottle of Jeanneret wine is truly a product of its environment. The unique characteristics of each vintage reflect the growing conditions of the year. Nature’s divine influence is apparent in every sip.

The brand’s former logo, a nautilus shell representing the Golden Ratio, referenced family ties to Le Corbusier, the Swiss-French pioneer of modern architecture. Le Corbusier’s designs were based upon proportions found in the natural world – a practice that echoes the winemaking process and inspired our approach.

We evolved the nautilus shell into a stylised ‘J’, and incorporated undulating vines. The label designs were built on proportions seen in Le Corbusier’s work, and the palette was based on his system of harmonious colours. The structure and typography took inspiration from Swiss-Modernist design, more broadly.

Growing conditions and the year’s winemaking process now take pride of place on each bottle’s label. Variances in vintage can be read, as well as tasted. The immutable influence of nature is now impossible to ignore.

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