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Integrated 2017

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Un concept simple et séduisant où les mots s'entrelacent pour former des paradoxes. Les deux écritures opposées dans leur forme comme dans leur sens, ne laissent que peu de place à un espace d'expression légal. Y a-t-il une zone grise libre entre la publicité et la "criminalité" ?

1. About the project

The sixth edition of the Integrated conference, subtitled ‘Between Creativity and Criminality: The Art and Design of the Civil Domain’, focused on the ambiguous space between market and state. In this civil domain, innovative design ideas, both physical and virtual, are often incubated in a grey zone between legality and illegality.

Upon brief, we were confronted with these interesting paradoxes: does this public space still offer an inviting canvas for communication, and is this space still primarily physical? Posters have become wallpaper in the urban landscape while people walk by, staring at their phones. With no real budget for distribution, we came up with a meta-concept of a 'post real’ poster campaign.

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Website development by Matthias Deckx.
Event photography by Thijs Vervecken.

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