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In The Woods

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1. About the project

In The Woods is a special artwork piece that I realized upon commission. It takes place 'in the woods' because of the client's particular affinity with the context. Since the very beginning it started off as an experimental process, a mix of techniques and visual stimuli. I found inspiration in a picture of the woods i stumbled upon, and from there i started sketching on paper trying to recreate the same feeling of the woods, the same sense of peace and serenity and yet the sensation that under the surface life is growing frantically, shaking and expanding, in a tranquil vibration of frenzy. It has been a very personal and intense project, developed almost with autopilot from beginning to end, letting the composition grow and details fill the surface with meticulous care. Overlapping layers of oil crayons to get the color tones i wanted, and going back to a very tactile techniques that always fascinated me, I replaced the surface of the paper with a solid Alubond panel. Gradients, pastel shades and light tones have been covered with a thin layer of black matte ink that subsequently have been etched with patience with the help of a needle. The woods started taking shape from the darkness, scratch after scratch, like rays of lights that lighten up a wooded glade.

Oil crayons & black wasco ink
on Alubond panel.
31 x 31 cm


Constantly on the edge between objects and images, design and illustration, No-Rocket finds...


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