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Le travail de Pop & Pac sur ce packaging de Fast Food est engageant et original. Assez loin des clichés en la matière, le studio australien propose de miser sur des paysages colorés et abstraits dans lesquels on se perd. Niveau qualité, on s'y retrouve.

1. About the project

We are HUXTABURGER; Born in the restaurant and embraced by the cool kids. We are one of the originals. WE OWN TASTE. We confidently proclaim this because our food and credentials have been meticulously honed, refined and crafted, not over months or even years, but through decades of hard work. We are united with our HUXTAMERS in the belief that we all have The potential to push AND DO more, CHAMPION A WAY OF LIFE, brave new territory and drop the clutch on the flavour highway, leaving a pile of greasy napkins in our wake. Smash a burger. Smash life. ...are you with us?

Pop & Pac

Melbourne based design studio, Pop & Pac have a passion for all things design. Our approach...


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