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1. About the project

Goba real estate consultation understands the industry from another approach, this is why is by far distant to any other real estate agency and everyday improves themselves to create an efficient, warm and close experience when it comes to find a new home or administrate properties.

We took the feeling of Happiness, so the logotype it is made up from typography since it complements with the rest of the elements of the graphic identity. The main color transmits agility, warmth and a positive energy. The stationery it’s complemented by a 5 warm and vibrant color palette, these are back up colors for the different areas of the company.

The illustrations were made to illustrate the different generations and segment the market with the help of the colors and illustrations. This way Goba has a nice and friendly approach and the clients can relate to it.

Menta Picante

We are a husband and wife studio dedicated to the creation of branding projects with a high level...


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