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1. About the project

GÄ-DES sells fashion to strong, independent and sophisticated women from all over the world. The brand transmits strength and self-confidence, but at the same time is feminine and elegant. This brand works with glamorous materials, which makes every woman feel like a goddess wearing it.

The brand has a very strong layout and typographic language, which makes it very recognizable. This offers the possibility of using a different kind of paper and material for every new collection, without losing the essence and character of the brand. This concept is a reference to the endless variety of women in the world, who this brand is speaking to.

The two collections presented are the standard collection - white paper and material, and the winter collection - metallic fluorescent paper and material.


Design by Alessia Sistori
Photography by Marc Oortman
Set Design in collaboration with Lilly Friedeberg

Alessia Sistori

Originally from Berlin, I have travelled and worked all around the world including Rome,...


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