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G'rls ROOM magazine #1

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Une direction artistique appliquée et audacieuse dans ce magazine centré sur les femmes. Le graphisme révèle un ton différent des féminins classiques.

1. About the project

G’rls ROOM is a polish magazine created by girls, but not just for girls.

Still not enough is said about women’s rights. their sexuality and a positive approach to the body. We stand for solidarity of women and together we can do a lot of good. We want to give voice to women and to all those who belive in tolerance and equal rights.

What distinguishes us is a book format, an original layout and environmentally friendly, pleasant to the touch paper of the creamy tone which gives comfort while reading.

We stimulate all the senses, ensuring the highest quality of reading.

G’rls ROOM magazine feature interviews, feuilletons, articles about current phenomenons and short stories.There is a large dose of culture.


Gosia Stolinska hi.goszi / an independent art director, graphic designer and illustrator. Belong...


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