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Futura Jazz Bar

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1. About the project

The aim was to design the brand identity for a Jazz Bar using only one typeface. Futura has been chosen because, due to its geometry, seems the perfect meeting point between past and future, like Jazz. It also have been published in 1928, in the Jazz Age. The identity is made unique and vibrant using a pattern of “J”. This letter, rotated by 30°, looks like a saxophone or like a note. That’s why in the pattern it is used filled but also outlined, resembling the half and quarter notes. The corporate identity is structured on a black and white palette while the complementary elements are made using bright colors; this is because jazz is both elegant and energetic. The mix of grids with the randomness of the “J”, black and white with bright colors, simple elements with more sophisticated ones, want to represent the soul of jazz: a mix of rules and improvisation.

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