Projets FIS · Festival Internacional de Solos 2016

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FIS · Festival Internacional de Solos 2016

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Sobre d'apparence, cette série d'affiches ne manque pas de fantaisie grâce à la mise en œuvre d'une typo dynamique et inventive. Les lettres déclinées en plusieurs variantes sont élaborées à partir de cercles et s'affichent aussi bien en titrage qu'en illustration.

1. About the project

FIS • Festival Internacional de Solos (International Solo Festival) was born in 2015 in Póvoa de Varzim (Portugal), in the cradle of Cine-Teatro Garrett and by the hands of the cultural associations Marácula and Ventos e Tempestades. The festival aims to be a platform for creation, production, reception and dissemination of solo performances, conceived in the scope of the different performative languages and focusing on the interpreter as a single communicating agent and its privileged link with the public.

From the 18th to the 20th of November 2016, for the second consecutive year, FIS returned to Cine-Teatro Garrett, highlighting its cornerstone motto: the intimate contact between the public and a single interpreter. In its second edition, it brought to the most emblematic house of culture of Póvoa de Varzim national and international artists who gave body and voice to the Theatre, the Dance and the Circus.

Having worked side by side with the team of FIS since the beginning, in the development of the festival’s concept, the naming itself, and the visual identity of its 1st edition, in 2016 Snack Studio continued to challenge itself by creating the identity for the 2nd edition of the festival. Having in mind the most basic and primordial concept of the festival — one interpreter, one single body, one single voice, one single consciousness — we wanted to translate it visually in one single element that could simply and iconically represent the singularity of the performer: a circle — the most friendly of all basic geometric shapes, commonly used to abstractly represent a body in space, and also the spotlight that highlights and follows the interpreter in stage. Using a shape as simple as a circle, gave us the possibility to unfold and deconstruct it into the whole visual identity, creating diverse and distinct compositions for each given communication material, through the repetition, division and variation of scale, position and color of this single module.

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