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Erik Penser Bank

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Faire un travail qui a de l'allure pour une banque c'est possible. La preuve avec cette identité du studio Bedow pour le principal établissement privé suédois. Rigueur et élégance sont de mise.

1. About the project

Refreshed visual identity and communication concept for Sweden's leading private bank, Erik Penser Bank. The new visual identity needed to provide a contemporary approach, yet retain a sense of legacy as well as be professional and functional. The assignment required a new logotype, colour palette, custom typeface, photography and pictograms to be highly adaptable for print.

Experience and an individualised service practice are expressed by the bank’s new brand identity through a monogram, pictograms, custom typeface and high quality papers and print finishes. Design began with a monogram as a symmetric ambigram. An ambigram is a phrase, word or, in this case, symbol that can be interpreted from different perspectives.
A new typeface family ‘Erik Text’ was created. The custom typeface is a low contrast Antiqua designed for both print and screen. Erik Text is complemented by a set of bold, high contrast numbers to be used as a visual element throughout the identity.
The logotype is custom made to give it a sense of legacy and a crafted feeling.
Central to design was the creation of a flexible illustration library. The looped monoline used in the bank’s EPB monogram was the basis for the illustrations, creating a cohesive identity
family. This makes the brand easily recognized by seeing their unique illustrations alone.
The brand toolkit is highly flexible — it can be adapted for use across multiple print platforms and to date, this has included candy wrappers, Christmas cards, recipe books, packaging, signage, napkin rings and all stationary.
The result is a visual identity that blends the bank’s personable qualities with a sense of legacy and experience.

The identity has been well received by staff and customers alike. Since the completion of the visual identity, Erik Penser Bank have asked Bedow to create advertising campaigns, publications, holiday cards, additional stationary, signage, PowerPoint templates etc. it has been nominated for various design awards, results of which will be released soon.


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