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Ena Visual identity

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Un projet intéressant de branding pour cette gamme de produits pour la peau. L'idée est d'éviter le tout typographique pour aller vers un packaging plus organique, faisant appel à un goût pour l'esthétique visuelle et les émotions. Les patterns abstraits inspirés de formes naturelles répondent à cet objectif.

1. About the project

Ena is an Australian skin care company that launched in 2015, with quality natural ingredients and an accessible price point. We worked closely with them to create a considered brand identity and packaging for their products. Ena wanted something that would appeal to a design conscious shopper and to stand out in a cluttered marketplace which is made up of predominantly typographic designs. The abstract illustrative visuals are reminiscent of natural forms; landscapes/liquids/stones, in a palette of natural colours offset with deep navy and a gold foil detail.


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