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Don't let time change the color

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1. About the project

It was a real pleasure to be called by Young & Rubicam Buenos Aires agency to do these paper craft Ad series for their great campaign “Don’t let time change the color” for Sinteplast.
Special thanks to art director Martín Kukso for the trust on this cool opportunity.

Made by Vasty
Art direction & paper craft: Mariano Pagella
Illustration: Melina De Martino
Photography: Demian Scalona
Retouch: Alejandra Jimenez

Agency: Young & Rubicam Buenos Aires
General Creative Direction: Lisandro Grandal, Fernando Tchechenistky
Creative Direction: Daniel Oliveira, Adrian Musso
Art direction: Martín Kukso
Copywriter: Santiago Garcia Parra

Client: Sinteplast


Full project:


Vasty is the creative studio of argentinean graphic designer Mariano Pagella based in Barcelona....


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