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Design the Restaurant Experience

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Les premiers pas dans un restaurant donne assez rapidement un aperçu de ce à quoi il faut s'attendre, c'est pourquoi l'identité proposé par un établissement doit être soignée bien au delà de l'assiette. Tout cela est enseigné dans le programme "Design the Restaurant Experience", avec une large variété d'approches possibles.
Le studio Atipus en charge du branding de ce cours a donc pensé un système modulable où motifs et couleurs s'accordent autour du symbole "X". Un projet réussi et sans faute de goût.

1. About the project

Design the Restaurant Experience is a course aimed at entrepreneurs in the gastronomic sector who seek to give a new boost to their business through design and innovation.

The course addresses different aspects of design, from the conceptualization of the business idea itself to the brand, the user experience, interior design, etc. Taught by experienced professionals consolidated in the sector.

Design the Restaurant Experience is an initiative by BCD (Barcelona Design Center) and Plateselector.

— BCD leads activities that contribute to the valuation of design as an engine of change for sustainable development in the economic, social and cultural field, as well as promoting Barcelona as an international reference in design and innovation.

— Plateselector is a communication agency, specialized in gastronomy. They work to give a fresher and more relaxed view of gastronomy.

The graphic identity is the result of a flexible symbol, based on the X character, as a synthesis of EXPERIENCE. Understanding the experience from its two meanings: "mastery" (the prolonged practice that provides knowledge or ability to do something) and "experience" (having felt, known or witnessed something). Both concepts define the nature of the course: "Learning straight from the EXPERIENCE of professionals in the sector how to design and manage the emotional EXPERIENCE of customers."

We chose a flexible visual system, through the use of color and forms, to reflect the diversity of concepts that the course addresses. With this approach, we created a strong, identifiable and flexible graphic structure, in which the symbol plays the main role in each communication piece.

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