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Dash Marshall

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1. About the project

When developing the corporate identity for the New York City architecture firm Dash Marshall we realised that architecture acts in the intersection of the old and the new, the static and the flexible, the properties of matter and the lives of people. Within these constraints Dash Marshall creates spaces which tell the stories of their habitants and invites them to create new ones.

The obvious, eventually came to us as a surprise. Today’s corporate communication have become almost exclusively digital. It is context-responsive, morphological and semiological, and almost unaware of physical constraints. To design a consistent visual language for an architecture office, acting in the material, but communicating in the immaterial world, was the challenge. Our solution is a flexible visual identity which works within a confined space of the letters “D” and “M”. Like outer walls of an apartment or the plot of a house, the letters “DM” create a confined space, but within this framework nearly anything is possible.

To tell the stories of Dash Marshall we have not just designed their Visual Identity, but also their website, the book “Matter Battles: 45 Lessons Learned” and the booklet “Small Measures”.

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