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1. About the project

Branding and packaging for Belgian-style craft beer.

Dageraad means “daybreak” or “sunrise” in Flemish. After a yeast-fueled pilgrimage that had him returning repeatedly to Antwerp’s Dageraadplats the brewery’s founder returned to British Columbia to open a Belgian-style craft brewery.

We worked with Dageraad from the beginning to help establish their presence as a new brewery and create an image for their unique and sophisticated beers. Drawing on broad influences, from the elegance of Art Nouveau to the charming simplicity of early Dutch advertising, we developed a playful brand that has room to expand to suit its innovative flavours. Hand-lettering, illustration, and an emphasis on material quality are the constants in creating a product which people will be drawn to pick up and reluctant to discard.

In addition to designing the packaging, print material and website, we designed and directed the manufacturing of custom glass tap handles, brewery signage and merchandise. We continue to work closely with Dageraad developing new material and directing production.

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