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Becca est une agence de RP spécialisée dans l'art de vivre et la food culture. Dans ce contexte, on comprend mieux ce graphisme finement tranché et ces couleurs gourmandes.

1. About the project

Becca and her team have been taking the hospitality world by storm for the past 15 years. They tell the stories of the hottest players in the industry with a whip-smart approach.

Drawing inspiration from the sensibilities of the women behind the brand, we designed a clean, fresh look and feel, including punchy colors, understated but eye-catching graphics, and cheeky language. We created a system layered with playful taglines and type treatments, a simple brand mark, logo, and pops of bright colors. The system was rolled out onto notebooks, pens, stationery, a website, and our personal favorite, custom candies. A fully responsive website, layered with animation and a surprising layout give visitors a striking first interaction through which they can engage with the Becca team and learn about their impressive work.


LMNOP specializes in creating unique identities with a playful edge. Born out of a desire to...

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