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b10 Renewed Brand Identity

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1. About the project

During the past year, the studio was involved in the redesign of the
visual identity of the bathroom equipment, Baños 10. Currently, the
company has a good position in the Spanish market and nowadays
is seeking their internationalisation, hence why a new brand identity
was conceived to help this purpose.

The final result has been a change of naming, replacing the previous
one with b10. This solution, which consists of only three characters
and the omission of the letter “ñ” of its original name, makes easier
its reading and comprehension in any language. Thanks to the new
identity, the change of logo and the choice of colour, freshness and
vitality have been provided to the renewed b10.

The process of the redesign of the logo was to reduce its elements
to the essentials. Starting from the basis of the aseptic and classic
character of the new b10, the main and only element of the logo was
a curated typography. The selected typography remains between
classic and an ornamental serif and also has organic lines that
remind us the movement of the water. To work with the new image
we were inspired by water. On one hand, “water” as colour and on
the other hand “water” for its freshness and vitality. The result brings
together a minimalist, modern and typographic logo that reflects its
youth, innovative character and business soundness.

For this renewed identity we have worked from its graphic
environment to interior design and stand design for attendance at
specialised fairs, including editorial projects such as catalogues and
product design consultancy.


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